15 November 2009
Signing Off
I cannot continue to write this blog because I no longer need it to fulfill its purpose. When I started this blog, it was an escape, a place to vent. But I don't feel I need to vent anymore. I've come along way in a year and a few months. I have learned to be less introverted and accept people into my life. So this ending is bittersweet; I'm glad that I have learned to express myself, but sad that I will "quit" a hobby. Perhaps I haven't quit, rather I have no more use for this outlet; much like a todler with a favorite toy who learns to cope with its disappearence. So I say to you all good-bye:

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11 November 2009
Thank You
Just a quick thank you to all the men and women who dicided it was a smart idea to protect my rights and freedoms from all. Thank you to all of you. Also, a special thank you to my Uncle who is one of those very men.

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10 October 2009
Quite a Bit Has Been Left Unsaid
Today  1975: Liz Taylor marries for the sixth time

It's been almost a month, and believe you me, I have tried to post something, but I just have not had the time. I had a plan for a belated aniversary celbration but it has fallen short, so it will not happen this year. Oh, writters block!

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13 September 2009
Hello There
1959: Today Elvis and Priscilla first met in W. Germany.
Good morning. I have been busy with the first week of school and seem to have - not only forgotten to celebrate the one year of this blog - forgotten to celebrate the forst post of this blog. Oh, well, shit happens get over it. My birthday was sometime last week, and I recieved quite a few books. Now I love books, but I feel that I wont be able to read these books now, because of school. In school we are reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It really is a great read, so far. However, I also would like to read the books I have been given by Agatha Christie; I'm not sure if I have mentioned, but I love her. Her mysteries are truly captivating. I digress, I don't like to read books at the same time. I feel like I'm not giving the author the respect they deserve by reading another story at the same time. I'm afraid that I wont get the big picture, when I'm consumed in two books, however, I think I may be able to read Agatha Christie in a day or two, which means no disrespect, I can read quite a few authors in a few days.
Again, I digress. Have you ever felt that you're falling into a black hole and will never escape? I feel like that now with all the homework I have been getting. I know, I know, woe is me, but I don't want your sympathy. I'm just pointing out that with seven academic classes this year, I may be in over my head. We will see in a month or two.
In other news, My uncle is coming home from Afgahnistan in a month or so! I'm so glad that he will be back here and safe. He will also be in line for a promotion, which means a lot. Also, the President is still pressing a Healthcare bill that I don't agree with, but I don't matter because I can vote. I can vote in the next election, so the joke's on them. When will they ever learn.
I should probably get back to my homework.

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01 September 2009
Life is Crap
 1939 :WWII began

My life is so hectict and busy that I forgot to mention that yesterday marks the begining of this blog. I will mark my first post on September 4th and hopefully I'll be happier.

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27 August 2009
Let the Hypocrite Throw the First Stone
So today my cousin walks into the office and says "How are you?" A nice thing to say, unless your voice is unaudible due to the radio and air vent. I look at her becuase I thought I saw her lips move, but I wasn't expecting anything. I look at her and smile only to be greeted with a sneer and "I said how are you (anger doesn't transfer well over the computer). You ingrone people a lot, and it's rude." As the second sentenced was uttered, I began, "I didn't hear you." She didn't seem to care about my opinion in the matter, I was clearly in the wrong. Well then, to top it all of, she decides to practically ignore me, and be snotty to me all day.
I'm sorry, what right does she have to be the plaintiff's lawer, the judge, jury, and executioner? I was convicted of murder before any of my evidence was in. What right does she have to go from "how are you?" to "that was rude." Isn't there supposed to be a middle ground of a repeat of "how are you?" Maybe not. Maybe, I just like to give people the benifit of the doubt.
Well whatever, forget her, but for some reason I feel like my family has been slowly disowning me. Now it feels like all we have in common is our last name. Sometimes I wonder if my uncles dissowned my Mom along time ago because of the whole wedlock thing. What I really need from my family is some sign that they care that I exist. I don't see my Dad's side enough to really care what they think, but I practically live in the same house as my Mom's family. There are so many of us. So I wonder, would they care if I dissappeared? Sure they would look for me, but would they have the heart to keep going, care enought to go national. Maybe I'm over reacting, maybe I'm not, but I feel like I'll be the person who doesn't spend Christmas and other holidays with my family. Sometimes I hate myself for it, but then again my cousins justify it sometimes, too.

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